Arcade Stick

Arcade Stick

3D Learning Project from my Master Studies “Media and Interaction Design” at FH Joanneum

Dez 15, 2010 | 3D

A project to help hospital personnel. (Bachelor Thesis)

sina - pflegeprozess management

How can we use mobile phones in a different way?

Nokia frame

Short Processing Course


An Interactive Flash-Based Installation

The Well

Short Max/Msp Project.

Wii - Soundmachine

Experimental Workshop in Denmark.

Light Art

Concept for a multitouch based laptop.


Exhibition Concept

The Swarm



Short Flash Project

Image Browser

Music Visualisation

Waters of Nazareth

Discover the history of Recording Media

Recording Media

A digital exhibition space

3D Booth

Small experiments in 3D Programmes


Taken during the studies.

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